About Me


Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, I have a passion for the community and helping others to reach their goals and dreams. I spent my youth as a multi-sport athlete and later went on to play college football. After a series of unfortunate events though, life took an unexpected turn and led to a season of homelessness. Determined to fight for a better life, I became more motivated than ever to salvage my dreams and overcome even when defeat seemed imminent. Over time and with a lot of hard work, I paved my way to becoming a successful businessman and now entrepreneur. The many obstacles I've had to overcome and my persistence in the face of failure birthed a deeply rooted passion to help others fight for their own dream. Now, with twenty four years of sales experience, I'm on a mission to teach others how to fight their own internal battles through self-reflection, dedication, and persistence. I'm the founder of Beautifully Savage boxing gym. By teaching others the art of boxing and motivating the community through fitness, I'm creating a space for others to fight for their lives and overcome barriers. Declaring that “Fighting Solves Everything,” I belief each person only needs to unleash their inner fighter to attain the life they have always dreamed of. I've dedicated my life to helping people reach their full potential through the sport of boxing as well as in his motivational speaking career. I was the featured speaker at TedX Arena Circle in September 2016.

Joe boxing on train tracks

Fighters inside and outside of the ring understand that they cannot avoid getting hit, and as we all know life can hit really hard. We often spend much of our lives trying to prevent getting hit or avoiding getting sick, loosing a loved one or getting fired from a job. Much of this is often out of our control and even the good stuff doesn’t last forever, so it’s important to embrace this reality of life: you will get hit, it will hurt, and life will go on. This acceptance is the first step to minimizing worry and if you choose to live with courage and strength you’ll be able to handle whatever life throws at you.

I strive to be an inspiring human and authentic example of this mentality in action. You don’t have to accept your current circumstances; one’s own fighting spirit can carry us out of any hole we may find ourselves in. If you’re willing to fight, things will improve. The clouds will pass.

“Everything worth having in this life you’re going to have to fight for. Life is going to test you and fighters know this. They know they will get hit and how you respond is what matters.” – Joe Buckner